A combination of medical enzymes with detergents are necessary for superior surgical instrument cleaning. 

For a medical surgical instrument cleaning product to clean effectively, detergents are necessary that will remove the soil from the surface of the surgical instruments, working with four types of medical enzymes that are able to break down all forms of surgical bioburden.

There are temperatures for using medical enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners that deliver the highest quality cleaning outcomes. 

The temperature for maximum enzyme surgical instrument cleaning performance peaks at 137 degrees Fahrenheit (58.33 degree Celsius). Surgical instrument detergents typically peak cleaning performance at 185 degrees Fahrenheit (85 degree Celsius). The peak performance for the enzyme cleaners and detergent cleaners represent the top of a bell curve with increasing and decreasing enzyme and detergent performance to each side the peak.

ONE cleaner medical enzyme detergent cleaners deliver 
residue free medical devices for cleaning surgical instruments prior to terminal sterilization. ONEcleaner
enzyme surgical instrument cleaners replace multiple products, cutting costs for purchasing cleaning products and improving the performance of surgical instruments.

ONE cleaner medical enzymatic cleaners deliver:
            enzyme surgical instrument cleaners,
            surface cleaning detergents, and
            surgical instrument lubricants for moving parts.

The ONE cleaner medical surgical instrument cleaning enzymatic detergent delivers a unique formulation of: detergents, enzymes, and neutral pH cleaners, with lubricating conditioners that remove stains, protect the surface protection, and lubricate surgical instruments.

Enzyme medical instrument cleaniers alone do not clean effectively. 

Surgical instrument cleaning detergents are needed to remove debris while the enzymes break down surgical bioburden. 

ONE cleaner medical enzyme detergent cleaners deliver highly concentrated, neutral pH, biodegradable, and non-irritating enzyme surgical instrument cleaners for cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization.

ONE cleaner medical enzymatic 
surgical instrument cleaning detergents 
cut cleaning costs.

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Imagine... ONE
enzymatic surgical instrument cleaner 
replacing multiple products, lowering costs, and improving the performance of surgical instruments. 
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Medical enzyme detergent cleaners for surgical instuments break down and remove debris from medical devices. 

Enzymes breakdown bioburden, with surface cleaning detergents that remove debris and stains from the surface. 
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