The ONEcleaner
medical enzymatic cleaners
cut costs.

The ONEcleaner medical enzyme detergent surgical instrument lubricant cleaner delivers highly concentrated protease enzymes, amylase enzymes, lipase enzymes, carbohydrase enzymes, surface cleaning surfactant detergents, and water soluble ionic based lubricants. ONEcleaner enzyme detergent cleaners dissolve and remove mineral encrustation, encrusted blood, lipids and all forms fatty acids, stubborn stains, complex starches, proteins emulsified with lipids.

ONEcleaner enzymatic medical cleaners with highly concentrated, neutral pH, biodegradable medical surgical instrument cleaning detergents lubricate while they clean residue free.

The ONEcleaner Medical Enzymatic Cleaner lubricates with every reprocessing treatment, adding to the usable life of your medical devices. The ONEcleaner Medical Enzymatic Surgical Instrument Cleaner ingredients secure the delivery of all the ingredients necessary for residue free medical devices..

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Medical Enzymatic Surgical Instrument Cleaners